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DiGiSPICE provides a wide range of digital entertainment solutions and digital media services that bring entertainment to your fingertips. Our offerings include innovative and highly functional entertainment solutions which give users instant access to a whole new world of infotainment. DiGiSPICE is a leader in providing digital media and infotainment services to over 50 Mobile Network Operators world-wide.


Horizon is an enabling platform for network operators and acts as a gateway for their content and service partners. It streamlines the operators’ marketing and customer service objectives as well as regulatory compliances to make operations more efficient and smooth. Horizon is a fast emerging, cost-efficient and reliable way to integrate, publish, manage, deliver and analyze various services of telecom operators and enterprises under one single umbrella. DigiSpice’s decades of experience and expertise in the telco-led entertainment space helps partners to manage their services in an efficient and compliant manner.

The standardised and horizontally layered architecture of Horizon eliminates duplication of functions, solves problem of solution islands, and scales with business growth, while remaining flexible for future augmentation of services.

Leveraging the operator assets and capabilities by conveniently delivering the applications and content to end users with Go-To-Market Support, the artists, content providers, app/game developers and OTT players are able to distribute their services and content across multiple channels while ensuring rapid growth in revenue for all stakeholders. Horizon therefore enables its telco partners to grow their aggregated suite of services in a unified way for effective advertising, monetizing, recommending, delivering and tracking.


  • 1 Million Tracks Promoted
  • 1400 + Artists and Labels Signed Up
  • 130 + Channel Distribution Capability
  • DDEX,XML,CD’s,DVD’s & Other Digital Formats supported
  • Automatic Generation of Unique ‘ISRC’ For Artist/CP
  • Automated Conversion of Content into 35+ Multiple Formats
  • Single Interface to Manage Multiple Channels
  • Periodic Channel-wise Revenue Shared via SMS & Mails
  • Near Real-Time (NRT) Content Performance Reports
  • Invoice Generation Through Interface
  • Content Management Module
  • Channel Partner Management Module
  • Service Management Module


Music streaming has grown tremendously during recent years to become the de-facto lifeline of the modern music industry. Launched by DiGiSpice in Africa, Mziiki is a leading music app and mobisite that offers a uniquely African music experience. Providing the most extensive libraries, Mziiki offers high retention solutions by enabling the consumer to build their own playlists, providing a radio-like experiences based on occasion, mood and genre.

Mziiki offers a platform to both established and aspiring artists through its conveniently automated Content Management System, and is a source of livelihood to more than 1500 artists across Africa. Telco partners also benefit from Mziiki’s integration with their Caller Ringback Tone platforms.


  • Endless discovery via search capabilities & automated recommendations
  • Social Media functions and push notifications to prompt engagement
  • Offline Play feature
  • Flexible & optimized UI/UX for a personalised experience
  • Content management through self-upload & automated publishing
  • Adaptive streaming capabilities for phones & various network environments
  • Compatible with feature phones, smartphones (Android, iOS) & desktop devices


Video streaming is rapidly disrupting the traditional TV and broadcast industry globally. Consumers are increasingly demanding video content that suits their individual tastes and needs, with short formats and UGC taking precedence over traditional long duration movies. As per the latest Cisco reports, more than 80% of the worldwide internet traffic is consumed by video streaming.

CNema, a Video on Demand mobile app launched by DiGiSPICE, provides a bespoke solution to smartphone consumers in developing markets, catering to local tastes and preferences in content as well as technical capabilities. Our state-of-the-art Content Management System, Horizon, enables users to easily upload their content and monitor its consumption, making CNema a truly “many-to-many” app. With an efficient built-in moderation capability, Horizon adheres to diverse regulatory guidelines.

Launched as a freemium model, CNema offers revenue potential from advertising, subscriptions, as well as a-la-carte consumption. With offline capabilities, it also allows for download option to be enjoyed later.


  • Extensive Choice Across Genres
  • Live TV & Catch-Up TV Streaming
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
  • Offline & Download Capability
  • Consumer Led UI Design for an Interactive Experience
  • Personalised Recommendations Based on Geography & Usage History
  • Social Media Sharing Capability
  • Video Quality Settings Option
  • Personalised Playlists
  • HD Support
  • Security Against Cyber Threats & Piracy - Water Marking & DRM
  • Interstitial Ad Support


My Studio is a revolutionary music service which gives amateur and professional singers the freedom to enhance, display and share their talents using their very own virtual studio connected to the cloud. The app utilises voice recognition in conjunction with voice quality, tempo & pitch analysis to rate users, giving them unlimited access to hundreds of user generated audio and video recordings. These services can be accessed via IVR or direct app download and a popular, thereby increasing customer acquisition for leading telecom operators.


  • Audio/ Video Karaoke
  • Free Style Singing
  • Online Streaming
  • Live Scoring
  • Record & Save
  • Display Lyrics
  • Dedicate & Share
  • Ringtone Generator

Nextgen CRBT

DiGiSpice NextGen CRBT platform unlocks the power of the 4G & LTE networks that helps seamlessly provide features like video RBT, HD Audio RBT, Live Streaming RBT and Social RBT to end users.

It further reduces TCO by enabling mobile operators to optimise power, utlilise space and achieve network integrations & O&M using the IP approach. It’s wide range of attractive features enhances customer engagement and significantly increase customer acquisition.


  • Sharable Social Tune
  • Video CRBT
  • UGC RBT with audio and video group Karaoke Options
  • CRBTFY – Unique Platform for gamification of CRBT
  • Song Sniffer – Sing & select your favourite CRBT Tune
  • Supports 4G & LTE