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DiGiSPICE brings a range of highly advanced enterprise business solutions and enterprise IT solutions that keep organisations ahead of the game and future ready. We enable enterprises to harness the true potential of data analytics, robotics and AI to transform the way businesses operate the world over.


DiGi Identifier is an AI driven remote biometric digital authentication on boarding technology platform that aims at helping enterprises speed up customer on-boarding through automated document collection, authentication and verification process . It makes use of a frictionless and non-invasive process that meets customer intelligence, risk and compliance goals, as well as meeting all requirements from a governance and legislative perspective.

The technology can be integrated into any platform by means of a robust Software Development Kit (SDK), providing the ability to customise its functionality according to each institution’s specific requirements, in a seamless and cost effective manner. The DiGi Identifier application can be implemented across Financial Services, Payment solutions, Online Education and Health Services.

Key Features

Facial Recognition - Facial algorithms specifically tailored according to the respective ethnic groups

Robust Facial recognition & liveness detection - True biometric liveness, enabling strong authentication, far outperforming gesture-based & parallax technologies. It can extract and match data from Government issued ID Cards with live selfie video to authenticate the user

Face to Face Verification through portal- Verification & KYC approval can be done in person through the portal by the respective team member

No use of visiting the Branch- Digitizing OVD collection and AI based authentication there is no need to physically visit any branch

Geo Tagging – Locates, tracks and registers while logging in to help eradicate fraud.

Data and Biometric Verification - Integration with the respective Government issuing authority.

Blockchain Platform - Encryption and storage on request

Identity Document Automated verification, Barcode capture, Data extraction

DiGi Identifier Delivers:
- Accurate & complete frictionless customer on-boarding
- Robust facial recognition and liveness detection
- Authentication of identity documents
- Removes Physical documentation
- Increased accuracy through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- On-boarding fraud detection
- Platform Agnostic Deployment
- A stand-alone application or a white labelled SDK. Can be customised as per requirements
- Compliance with KYC, AML, UIDAI, and other regulations

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